Paradise Cove

Soundwave Entertainment - Our Orlando Weddings - Paradise Cove - Orlando, FL

03 May Paradise Cove

Bride and Groom: Jomar and Chris
Soundwave DJ Services: Provided DJ songs and lavaliere mic for the ceremony, DJ cocktails and reception
Soundwave Lighting Services: 12 LED Lights on the trees and pavillon in purple, Cake Pinspot and Cyro Canons for an amazing choregraphed formal, but edgy introduction
Processional: Turning Page, SLeeping At Last
Introduction: Turn Down for What and FSU War Chant
First Dance: Wanted, Hunter Hayes
Father/Daughter: My Little Girl, Tim McGraw
Mother/Son: Mom, Jackson Jones
Venue: Paradise Cove
Vendors: Cocktails Catering, Sensational Ceremonies Wedding Officiants