Rosen Shingle Creek

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16 Nov Rosen Shingle Creek

This is LA HORA LOCA!!! Originating in Venezuala, La Hora Loca, also known as “crazy hour” is a Latin tradition at weddings that resembles a carnival. Oftentimes there are jugglers, stilt walkers and performers. The bride and groom and guests wear masks, glow necklaces, hats, and have noise makers. The DJ plays a special mix of music that includes sirens, drum and bass, Latin songs and even pop American songs (especially at our mixed guest weddings). It requires a HIGHLY SKILLED MIXER who can mix in and out of songs very quickly oftentimes playing only about 1 min. of a song, adding back beats, and quickly mixing into another hit. Typically a DJ will play about 15 songs an hour, but in a La Hora Loca, you can expect to easily hear 50+ songs! By the end of the hour, guests have partied their butts off and it usually ends the night!!!
Rosen Shingle Creek, Misty Miotto

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