LED Lighting Equipment

Soundwave Entertainment offers the newest LED Lighting equipment on the market, packaged with or without our DJ services.

We offer two types of LED Wall Up Lights, both wireless with batteries lasting 10 – 18 hours:

  • Eternal LED Up Lights provide wide beams of color, with 40 pre-set color options including jewel and soft tones.  We can program these lights to create custom colors.
  • Astera LED spotlights are mega powerful and waterproof, ideal for outside use on trees and architecture or in ballrooms with tall ceilings. With 1000s of color options, these lights can be dimmed, brightened, and programmed to change colors instantly, fade, or go to the music beat.

We use only the best special effects and LED lighting equipment in the business:

  • American DJ
  • Astera LED
  • Chauvet Lighting
  • Eternal Lighting
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