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soundwave entertainment - orlando dj - orlando wedding dj - orlando, fl

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Specializing in Mixing DJs  & Professional MCs  / LED Lighting Design  /  Special Effects / Photo Booths

Serving Orlando & Central Florida Since 2001

The Guest Experience Is Our Expertise

Let’s be real, a week, year or decade after your celebration your guests probably won’t remember the floral colors, the appetizers you served or the meal they enjoyed, but they will remember the EXPERIENCE they had. They will remember how they felt during your celebration.  It’s that ‘feeling’ Soundwave delivers!

The Guest Experience has alot to do with music, because music sets the vibe.  Music touches guests emotionally where words alone can not. It’s the first dance and soft kiss bringing a tear to your eye, to the thrust of energy when the DJ drops the beat and the crowd jumps. From a warm and comfortable ballroom created by perfect LED Lighting Design, to Dance Lights in sync with the music beat for energy and excitement.  To surprising your guests with exploding Spark Fountains, and a touch of whimsy from Dancing on a Cloud, Soundwave delivers all the feels!

Since 2001, Soundwave Entertainment has been creating Highly Customized and Unique Wedding Experiences.  We have been honored to celebrate with 5,000+ newlyweds. To be honest, We ARE the Orlando Wedding Experts, period.

Additionally, we have served 1,000s of Corporate and Convention Events, and Social Occasions over the years.

Soundwave is a comprehensive entertainment company with a team of highly talented Professional Mixing DJs and Master Emcees. We design receptions with LED Lighting and offer amazing Special Effects.  Additionally Digital Photo Booths and Guitarist.

Browse through our website to get better acquianted with us.  Then either “Check Your Date,” email or call to chat about your event in detail.  We looking forward working with you to create an amazing Guest Experience.



Venue: House of Blues


soundwave entertainment - isleworth country club - orlando wedding venue - orlando, fl

Venue: Isleworth Country Club




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