Orlando Wedding DJs . . . Our Specialty

Soundwave DJs are recommended by Orlando’s finest wedding venues, wedding planners and industry experts. Soundwave is well-known for working with couples to create highly customized wedding celebrations with lots of attention to personalization and choreographed details.

We have a handul of highly skilled Wedding DJs on our team. Our DJs are skilled Beat Mixers with night club experience, not button pushers.  Beat Mixing is a honed craft of mixing and blending songs together creating a continous flow of music without a break or gap.  As Professional Mixers, we will create an energy on the dance floor that will engage your guests in a sophisticated, fun atmosphere.  You will have a DJ assigned to your wedding that fits your music vibe. Together, we will work closely to fully customize your wedding music.

Our Wedding DJs are Professional MCs.  As the person with the microphone, Soundwave DJs are the “voice” of the wedding working closely with Wedding Coordinators and vendors to ensure they are ready for upcoming formalities, and informing your guests of what is happening.

Soundwave DJs have been honored with numerous awards including the esteemed Orlando Vendor’s Choice, Wedding Wire Best and The Knot Best.

Depending on equipment and logistics, many weddings are worked by a 2-Person Team—a Lead DJ and Assistant. Smaller weddings, or weddings that are less demanding, may be worked by a single DJ with no assistant.  We will determine what is needed to ensure the success of every wedding.

For our techy clients, we use only the latest and best technology on the market including names like RCF, Shure, Pioneer, Bose, etc.


Soundwave DJ Team