December 16, 2022

A Captain Jack Sparrow Wedding


Natasha + Dalton

It was a lovely evening in Apopka, Florida at the Highland Manor for the wedding of Natasha and Dalton. A day of celebrating the love for each other was not the only special thing about this day. The couple had a very unique twist to their wedding, a special guest officiated the two of them. We can’t wait to take you on a journey through their day with moments caught by PB&J Studios. The entire day was perfectly entertained by DJ and Owner, Les Kopasz for this Capitan Jack Sparrow Wedding.

Captain Jack Sparrow

As the officiant mic’d up with our lavaliere microphone, and the guests took their seats, it was time for the ceremony to begin. The officiant made his way to the altar to the song I’m A Pirate. Clearly, this officiant was not just any officiant, he was the super cool Captain Jack Sparrow who was heard loud and clear through our ceremony system. DJ Les played Joker and the Thief as the wedding party made their way to their spots. All the guests rose to the song Can’t Help Falling in Love as the bride walked down the aisle to her groom. With the help of Captain Sparrow, Natasha and Dalton confessed their love in front of family and friends and sealed their vows with a kiss! Ready to take the party on to the next level, the wedding party exited to Simply the Best. Definitely, A Captain Jack Sparrow Officiated Wedding we will not forget!

Softly Lit in Purple

After Jack Sparrow announced the couple as newlyweds, the guests went on to enjoy a 1960s – 2000s Pop Instrumental Mix (2020) at cocktail hour. As the newlywed’s photos wrapped up, everyone headed into the reception room where the introductions of the wedding party were announced. The room was dressed in white linen tables, placed with golden Chiavari chairs, and topped with gold chargers. Soundwave supplied Dance Lights, LED Uplighting throughout the ballroom in soft purple, and Cake Pinspot.

Dancing the Night Away

After the newlywed’s introduction, they took to the dance floor to Stand by Me while Soundwave’s Dancing on a Cloud deployed, filling the dance floor with a low lying cloud for a touch of whimsy. Guardians of the Galaxy Vocalist Mix (2020) then played as the wedding guests and newlyweds enjoyed their buffet meal and then a performance by Chinese Lion Dancers. The father of the bride then danced to I Loved Her First with his daughter followed by the groom and his mother to half the song of My Wish by Rascal Flats. DJ Les then opened the dance floor up for requests after the wedding traditions were finished.

Bubbly Farewell

The wedding guests and newlyweds had a grand time dancing to any and all kinds of music. As the night came to an end, the newlyweds enjoyed a final dance with their guests to the iconic end of event song, Closing Time. Once all the guest vacated the ballroom, the newlyweds shared a private last dance to Simply the Best by Noah Reid. This was a super fun Captain Jack Sparrow Officiated Wedding that we were honored to take part in! Congratulations yet once again, Natasha and Dalton.

Soundwave DJ
Owner Les Kopasz

Soundwave Special Effects & Enhancements
Dance Party Lights
LED Lighting
Cake Pinspot
18 LED Uplights in Soft Purple
Dancing On A Cloud

Venue: Highland Manor
Photo: PB&J Studio

Requested Music
Processional Song: Joker and the Thief / Wolfmother
Bride Song: Can’t Help Falling in Love/ Kinna Grannis
Recessional Song: Simply the Best / Tina Turner
Formal Introduction: DJ Choice
First Dance: Stand by Me/ Ben E. King
Father Daughter: I loved her first/ Heartland
Mother Son: My Wish, Rascal…play 1/2
Last Dance: Closing Time/ Semi Sonic
Private Last Dance: Simply the Best/ Noah Reid

highland-manor-orlando-wedding-Jack-Sparrow-Officiant Highland-Manor-Orlando-Wedding-Being-Wed-By-Jack-Sparrow

Introduction-of-The-Newlyweds highland-manor-orlando-wedding-reception-room

First-Dance-With-Special-Effect-Cloud Reception-Room-With-Lions-For-The-Reception Brides-Father-Daughter-Dance Bride-Dancing-With-Father Wedding-Party-Dancing-With-Guests Wedding-Guests-Dancing A-Jack-Sparrow-Wedding-Guests-Dancing A-Jack-Sparrow-Wedding-Guests-Dancing soundwave-dj-orlando-highland-manor-newlyweds